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Cardiovascular — Fluoxetine has not been evaluated or used to any appreciable extent in patients with a recent history of myocardial infarction or unstable heart disease.Patients should be advised to inform their physician if they are taking, or plan to take, any prescription medication, including Symbyax, Sarafem, or over-the-counter drugs, including herbal supplements or alcohol.R -norfluoxetine is significantly less potent than the parent drug in the inhibition of serotonin uptake.Along with Keppra she takes 50 mg. of Lyrica daily, 20 mg. of.You may ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist for information about PROZAC that is written for healthcare professionals.Exploratory analyses for age and gender effects on outcome did not suggest any differential responsiveness on the basis of age or sex.Due to inconsistencies between the drug labels on DailyMed and the pill images provided by RxImage, we no longer display the RxImage pill images associated with drug labels.A minimum of 5 weeks is recommended for fluoxetine if the daily dose.

Before starting PROZAC, tell your healthcare provider if you.You may want to undergo an eye examination to see if you are at risk and receive preventative treatment if you are.Pediatric Use: Safety and effectiveness of PROZAC in patients 8.4 ).Plasma fluoxetine and norfluoxetine concentration decrease gradually at the conclusion of therapy which may minimize the risk of discontinuation symptoms with this drug.All pregnancies have a background risk of birth defects, loss, or other adverse outcome regardless of drug exposure.Patients should be advised of the following issues and asked to alert their healthcare provider if these occur while taking PROZAC.This suggests that the use of fluoxetine in patients with liver disease must be approached with caution.

You should not drive, operate heavy machinery, or do other dangerous activities until you know how PROZAC affects you.Do not start or stop any medicine while taking PROZAC without talking to your healthcare provider first.Fluoxetine monotherapy is not indicated for the treatment of Depressive Episodes associated with Bipolar I Disorder or treatment resistant depression ( 2.5, 2.6 ).Includes 902 patient rankings on scale of 1-5, comments, side effects, dosage, sex, age, time taken.Table 1: Approximate Dose Correspondence Between Symbyax 1 and the Combination of PROZAC and Olanzapine.Periodically re-examine the need for continued pharmacotherapy.

Because of the long elimination half-lives of the parent drug and its major active metabolite, changes in dose will not be fully reflected in plasma for several weeks, affecting both strategies for titration to final dose and withdrawal from treatment.Fluoxetine Dosage Guide with Precautions - -If a satisfactory response with the once weekly oral fluoxetine is not maintained, a change back to daily.See the end of this Medication Guide for a complete list of ingredients in PROZAC.If you miss a dose of PROZAC, take the missed dose as soon as you remember.

If you take PROZAC, you should not take any other medicines that contain fluoxetine hydrochloride including.Whether any of the symptoms described for clinical worsening and suicide risk represent such a conversion is unknown.In subjects with cirrhosis of the liver, the clearances of fluoxetine and its active metabolite, norfluoxetine, were decreased, thus increasing the elimination half-lives of these substances.If acceptable alternatives to linezolid or intravenous methylene blue treatment are not available and the potential benefits of linezolid or intravenous methylene blue treatment are judged to outweigh the risks of serotonin syndrome in a particular patient, PROZAC should be stopped promptly, and linezolid or intravenous methylene blue can be administered.

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Prescriptions for PROZAC should be written for the smallest quantity of capsules consistent with good patient management, in order to reduce the risk of overdose.Adult Daily Dosage Rangeab Anticholinergic Arrhythmia. inhibitor Start Prozac weekly 7 days after last fluoxetine dose Paxil.The use of MAOIs intended to treat psychiatric disorders with PROZAC or within 5 weeks of stopping treatment with PROZAC is contraindicated because of an increased risk of serotonin syndrome.

If you take too much PROZAC, call your healthcare provider or poison control center right away, or get emergency treatment.

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Drugs Metabolized by CYP2D6 — Fluoxetine inhibits the activity of CYP2D6, and may make individuals with normal CYP2D6 metabolic activity resemble a poor metabolizer.

Do not use thioridazine within 5 weeks of discontinuing PROZAC.In many cases, this hyponatremia appears to be the result of the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH).The stated frequencies represent the proportion of individuals who experienced, at least once, a treatment-emergent adverse reaction of the type listed.

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Suicide is a known risk of depression and certain other psychiatric disorders, and these disorders themselves are the strongest predictors of suicide.Find patient medical information for Prozac Weekly oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings.Phospholipid accumulation in animals has been observed with many cationic amphiphilic drugs, including fenfluramine, imipramine, and ranitidine.Published Date Published Date - The date that a drug label is published on DailyMed for public view.

Children and adolescents should have height and weight monitored during treatment.Patients should be advised that hyponatremia has been reported as a result of treatment with SNRIs and SSRIs, including PROZAC.Acute treatment of depressive episodes associated with Bipolar I Disorder.Case reports and epidemiological studies (case-control and cohort design) have demonstrated an association between use of drugs that interfere with serotonin reuptake and the occurrence of gastrointestinal bleeding.In addition, fluoxetine treatment was associated with a decrease in alkaline phosphatase levels.This eMedTV segment also provides dosing guidelines for bulimia.Treatment resistant depression (Major Depressive Disorder in patients, who do not respond to 2 separate trials of different antidepressants of adequate dose and duration in the current episode).

No patients reported convulsions in US placebo-controlled clinical trials for either OCD or bulimia.Prozac comes in 10 and 20 mg capsules and liquid oral solution that the patient usually takes in the morning.Oral in combination with olanzapine: 2.5 mg of oral olanzapine and 20 mg of fluoxetine once daily (initial dose).